We helped the communities

at Tribute Properties

receive 5X more authentic

reviews every month


Tribute Properties (Tribute) is a Wilmington-based, multifamily residential property development and management company with a broad portfolio of communities spanning the Carolinas. They develop and operate communities with a long-term outlook and an unwavering commitment to integrity, extraordinary customer service, and excellence. There were two of the key drivers for partnering with Brand Assurance:

  1. Uniting Marketing & Operations to work together to proactively improve the resident experience, community reviews and ratings, and community performance.
  2. An integrated end-to-end solution that empowers the entire team to make improvements across the resident lifecycle.

With a portfolio encompassing 6,000+ residential units across the Carolinas, a key goal of Tribute’s was to dramatically improve their communities’ online reviews and improve the accountability for each community. Tribute came to Brand Assurance to improve visibility into and the effectiveness of their property managers and to improve their online reputation on sites prospects used like Google, Yelp, & their corporate website.

At a Glance

+26 Communities
+6,000 Units

Challenges & Objectives

Measure Community Performance

Lagging financial indicators weren’t cutting it. The company needed a way to measure meaningful community performance on a level playing field that.

Pro-actively Improve Experiences

It was critical to empower community managers to proactively address latent issues and to learn from resident concerns so they could continuously improve the experience for residents.

Improve Community Ratings Online

They needed a way to get authentic reviews for their communities on sites that people use. Before starting with us, their ratings were dominated by a minority of upset, previous residents.

Empower Team With Objective Insights

Operations and Marketing needed objective, unfiltered feedback from both happy and unhappy residents so they could work together to identify ways to improve every community.


5x more positive

reviews generated

We increased the number of positive reviews residents posted from 4 per month to over 22 per month.

800+ resident issues

proactively resolved

Community managers proactively addressed and fixed over 800 resident issues before they were posted online.

25% higher ratings

across review sites

The average ratings for 25 communities across all major review sites went from 3.08 stars to 3.86 stars in the first 16 months.

Executive insight

into performance

For the first time, executives have actionable metrics to compare satisfaction across communities, regions, and managers.

“The results speak for themselves. We have seen our online ratings improve dramatically since partnering with Brand Assurance. Better ratings online means more leases and higher occupancy in our markets. In addition to higher ratings, with Brand Assurance, our entire team knows exactly what's happening, and can respond to all our resident reviews, whether positive or not. We really like the ability to automatically schedule surveys to our residents for new move ins, lease expirations, and completed service requests, and have the visibility to review those all throughout our organization. It's a game-changer that enables us to be proactive and keep our Residents satisfied. I have not seen a product on the market that is as robust in delivering what we need as Brand Assurance.”

Robert BishopSenior Vice President

“I was hesitant at first but Brand Assurance has changed how I manage my on-site teams. The rankings make it clear where my team needs to improve and it is great to see the impact it has had both on the communities and our residents. We can fix issues before they become problems.”

Frannie PostRegional Director

“Incredible team that is always there to support our evolving portfolio of communities. The customer service is unmatched and it's super easy to use!”

Jessica WrightTraining & Support Director

“I absolutely love this service and what it offers for our residents and also our company. It is very easy to utilize and the team are a huge help with questions and answers!!! Thank you for all you do!!!”

Sarah SmithCommunity Manager

“Love it!”

Kristin LamottCommunity Director

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